10-12 July 2018
Boston, US


Workshop A
July 10 2018

09.00 - 12.00
Workshop Leader: João Bocas, Wearables Expert & Digital Health Influencer ,

The pharma industry is now considering, evaluating and looking for innovative ways to implement and maximize effectiveness in clinical trials. This workshop will explore emerging technologies and new wearable innovations in the marketplace. Furthermore, we will in depth analyze the potential of the emerging wearable technologies, its applications in real life, as well as main challenges presented by novelty, lack of proven market background implementation and maturation.

In a highly interactive session, this masterclass will enable participants to bring and discuss real life challenges. We will address issues, by working in groups using innovation problem solving techniques to come up with solutions that can be translated in real practical working terms. Facilitation will use a blend of teaching methods to better maximize learning and include all participants in the delivery methodology.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • New and emerging wearable technologies. What are they? What do we know about them? How can use them effectively?
  • Exploring in depth challenges associated with the usage of new innovative wearable solutions
  • What are the main barriers for Innovation in clinical trials?
  • How to maximize effectiveness in clinical trials design and delivery using emerging technologies.

João Bocas, Wearables Expert & Digital Health Influencer ,

João Bocas is a Wearables Expert, Top 100 Global Digital Health Influencer & Keynote Speaker.

His passion lies in helping others, sharing experiences, transferring knowledge, working collaboratively and passing on the latest innovation trends from the digital health world.

As a thought leader in wearables, digital health, IoT and big data in healthcare, João explores the intersection of technology in modelling business models and shaping consumer behaviour. Also he analyses the impact of disruptive innovations and shares future trends in the marketplace.

He possesses more than 25 years of hands-on experience in Professional Sport and Corporate environments working with senior management, Boards and executive teams. He has worked across Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Sporting, Third and Public Sector organisations.

Workshop B
July 10 2018

13.00 - 16.00
Workshop Leader: Abhishek Pratap, Principal Research Scientist, Digital Health, Sage Bionetworks
Workshop Leader: Larsson Omberg, VP, Systems Biology, Sage Bionetworks
Workshop Leader: Woody MacDuffie, Principal User Experience Designer, Sage Bionetworks

Over the past five years, more than 250,000 health and wellness mobile apps have been released, creating a new digital health ecosystem that is disrupting the way medical research and clinical trials are carried out.

mHealth introduces the possibility to capture low burden, high-frequency measures of phenotypes in a natural setting. This makes it possible to develop a deeper and individualized understanding of disease manifestations, perturbations, and progression. The success of past mHealth studies have been hampered by many issues including: 1) poor engagement and retention from participants; 2) a nascent understanding of the analytical approaches necessary to draw scientific insights from mobile-based measurements.

This workshop will focus on discussing the need for designing a framework for mHealth studies, one that blends the needs of the researchers with the end participants. Using case studies from real-life mHealth studies, we will discuss how the user-centered design approach can improve engagement and utility to participants. Finally, we will discuss some analytical approaches that are critical for inferring meaningful patterns from the mobile data streams. These are both high dimensional and noisier than measurements taken in the clinic on clinical devices, and as such, require new experimental and analytical approaches that are validated and properly benchmarked.

Key Topics to be discussed include:

  • How you can develop a framework to understand the needs of the actual users as well as provide scientifically proven constructs to translate the needs into solutions that can drive engagement
  • How to explore engagement strategies in a principled way by running engagement trials
  • Statistical approaches to analyzing high dimensional mHealth data
  • Lessons from using collaborative open approaches for developing biomarkers from mHealth data

Abhishek Pratap, Principal Research Scientist, Digital Health, Sage Bionetworks

Abhishek Pratap(Abhi) is a Principal Research Scientist at Sage Bionetworks and a researcher at University of Washington(UW), Seattle. His research focuses on designing affective mobile apps, and analytical workflows that will ultimately empower people in assessing their health symptoms and share its management with their care provider.  Abhi is involved in several mHealth projects for assessing  Depression,  Suicide risk factors, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis diseases.  As part of the AllofUS program, he is co-leading the development of a Mood assessment app that will be deployed to a cohort of million  AllofUS volunteers. Before Sage, Abhi has worked in a various biomedical labs analyzing terabytes of high-throughput biomedical data. He has an MS in Engineering Management (CS) from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a Graduate certificate in Bioinformatics from Stanford University.

Larsson Omberg, VP, Systems Biology, Sage Bionetworks

Dr. Omberg is the VP Systems Biology at Sage Bionetworks overseeing a research agenda that focuses on two areas – using remote sensors and mobile phones to measure disease; and collaborative genomic research. Currently his group focuses heavily on open and team based science to get a large number of external partners to collaborate on data intensive problems.  This includes establishing norms and methods for measuring disease phenotypes using remote sensors and developing analytical approaches for turning raw signals from sensors into digital biomarkers.  Dr. Omberg and the Systems Biology group have been involved in over two dozen mobile health studies ranging from Chronic Anemia to Parkinson’s Disease.  As a graduate student and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Texas and Cornell University Dr. Omberg developed machine learning and statistical approaches for extracting genomic phenotypes and disease signals from system level biological data. After establishing a data science group at Sage Bionetworks his expertise was applied to data integration and integrative analysis for the TCGA Pancancer collaboration, The Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium as well as the international ICGC/TCGA Whole Genome Pan-Cancer Analysis among other projects.  Dr. Omberg received a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Woody MacDuffie, Principal User Experience Designer, Sage Bionetworks

Woody MacDuffie is a Principal Interaction Designer for Sage. Previously, Woody worked as a lead Interaction Designer at several early stage healthcare startups (98point6 and Practice Fusion) and helped designed several award winning products at UPMC’s Technology Development Center in Pittsburgh PA. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from Villanova University, MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and a MS in Industrial Design of University of the Arts.